Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Now this IS funny!

This is probably one of the most wonderful pieces to have been written in the Guardian by a pro-independence activist.
Ms Moyes
I do believe that the exotically name Vonny Moyes is actually, "an arts journalist and social activist (whoah!). She is comedy editor for The Skinny Magazine and columnist for National Collective and Bella Caledonia"

Now read on! What does Ms Moyes have to say. So much comedy potential... where to start?

"Capitalism is guilty of fostering the attitude that if we throw enough money at it, a problem will magically disappear. "

Get that one, Karl! You missed that theory, didn't you? Now read on....

"That’s not to say the economy is unimportant. Let’s not kid ourselves: without it we’d be stuffed. "

This is insightful stuff! But, but... I'm waiting to find out what difference that new Scottish Passport will make.

"We’re living in a first-world country where policy causes toxic structural poverty – where people rob houses for food, and families are punted from their modest homes over a tax. "

Lumme. This is clearly not good! Does the Scottish Government know about this? What can we do about it all, dear Vonny??? I'm beginning to worry that a new passport won't be enough!

"We need the freedom to dismantle the system completely."

Yes! Yes!! That'll work!! I can't wait to vote YES nooo!! When can we start??

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