Tuesday, 28 October 2014

In Bed with the Tories

Much anger has been directed at Labour post-referendum for being 'in bed with the Tories' during the referendum. Some facts. It seems that the Edinburgh Agreement .. yes .. stitched up between Salmond (SNP) and (gasp) that bloody Tory Cameron was quite clear...

PPERA (Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000) gives the Electoral Commission responsibility for:
  • designating lead campaign organisations
That is, the referendum was to be run with two organisations .. a YES and a NO.
And how was that imposed? Through a series of lead campaign group benefits which are:
  • A higher spending limit than other registered campaigners
  • Free distribution of their information to electors
  • Referendum campaign broadcasts
  • Free use of certain public rooms

    Free distribution of information and campaign broadcasts are hardly negligible benefits, are they?

    So get this, The Electoral Commission officially designated the two main referendum groups Yes Scotland, which is fighting for a yes vote, and the pro-UK group Better Together as the official lead campaigns in the contest. Read it here if you've forgotten. 

    Funny that! Now of course none of that should really be surprising apart from to members of the swivel eyed fraternity. Here's another shocker for them. Did they know that during the Second World War Atlee (yes, the Labour Leader) served under Churchill who was... yes.. a Tory!      

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