Thursday, 7 March 2013

Kenny and the Drink

As we all know, Kenny MacAskill, the Justice Secretary is currently 'consulting' on lowering the alcohol limit for drivers from 80 milligrams per 100ml of blood to 50 milligrams.

The rationale for this would appear to be that, 'the current drink drive limit has been in force since the mid 1960s. While social attitudes toward drink drivers have hardened over the years, it is tragic that latest figures show an estimated 30 lives continue to be lost each year on Scotland’s roads as a result of drink driving.'

Now obviously, any death due to a drunk driver is really deplorable. What is unclear is whether any of these estimated 30 deaths are caused by drivers who currently are tested as being between 50 and 80 milligrams per 100ml of blood.  I suspect that is because drunk drivers are usually two or three times over the limit and care not a jot for any limit in the first place.

However, the beautiful irony is in the statement, we believe the current limit has had its day – the time is right for a change that will bring Scotland in line with the vast majority of Europe.

There you have it - what independence is all about. Doing the same as everyone else!!? Doh!

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