Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The start

The start! I guess that when you start blogging (or re-start blogging), there has to be some sort of motive. And it's more than likely that if politics is your bag, that it'll be because something has irked you. Someone or something has got under your skin. You can't clean the windows without a debate going on in your head. Then you know it's time.

So, I'm here, back in the blogsphere, thanks to Ian Macwhirter, an admirable man in so many ways. A persuasive and articulate commentator on the Scottish Political scene. Like myself, of course. But I don't have to make a living at it.
Ian's piece in the Sunday Herald of 3/3/2013, 'What does Farage factor mean for us', did it for me. The self congratulatory Scot, is written there between every pair of lines. The upfront text is obvious - we're different (sub-text: better). Now, leaving aside this notion of 'we' (meaning the Scots, rather than people  born in say Kirkcaldy in a certain year), Ian is on familiar territory here. It the great lie which is continually peddled by our commentators, which is milked by every nationalist. It is used to create a new construct - the modern, tolerant, compassionate, out-looking European that is the Scot.
Unlike the you-know-whos that we share the island with.

Ian's not daft - he acknowledges the danger of complacency. That maybe not everyone may be as wonderful as the new Scot. Some (gasp!) - may not be immune to prejudice! And then he makes mention of some of the terrible prejudices that may just be lurking within the population.

Have no fear, our Government will set about you and you'll change your ways!

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