Monday, 17 November 2014

Salmond - the bitter end nears

What a joy it was to see Salmond on Andy Marr on Sunday November 2nd, 2014.

(this may not be the actual 2 November show but you get the picture)

As a bit of a backdrop, we are all too well aware that one of the most used weapons in the Nationalist toolkit is a well sharpened sense of grievance. Let us recall that diminutive Nicola, had already stated that the "Westminster parties are already backsliding on the delivery of new powers".
(Aye, she wishes!)

So it was no surprise that Marr confronted 'eck about the timetable of delivery of the new powers.* Of course, to his credit, Salmond felt obliged to tell the truth ... he had confidence that new powers would be delivered, but, gasp, get this... they weren't being delivered willingly!
The duplicitous Westminster bastards! We want willingness! And we want it now!! And if we don't get that, we'll hold your feet even closer to the fire, presumably.

*so fooking essential to our well being.

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