Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Alan Taylor - a choob

Anent (good Scots word) the latest diary entry from Alan Taylor in the Sunday Herald (a Scots Comic publication).

A man who really should know better

"REMEMBER the referendum, when lies, damned lies and statistics were thrown at Yes folk by naysayers ........ we were told that oil was about to run out and that to base our wellbeing on it was barmy. And lo! What have we here? Less than a month ago a new oil field was discovered east of Aberdeen. Why that was not announced before September 18 one can only wonder."

Clearly, Mr Taylor is joining the Nat throng that loves nothing better than a good (or even pisspoor) conspiracy - especially if it's poor old Scotland that is being done down. This is not dissimilar to Cameron's "secret" visit to Shetland and the huge hushed up Clare field. 
One might expect of course that Mr Taylor, esteemed and learned journalist as he is, to have managed to shed some light on all this. The engineers must have been told to go slow in their exploration despite promising rock formations? Or did they know before September 18 but managed to get everyone sworn to secrecy? Everyone. 
Or is it that small finds are actually still quite common and that this is just more of the same irresponsible and dishonest "reporting" that one should expect from the deep wellspring of Nationalist paranoia?

OK Mr Taylor - here's another one - announced on 13th November -

"A MASSIVE new gas field has been discovered ... the discovery of the Pegasus field has just been announced to industry experts who will now work out how best to develop it.

The new field is in the same area as the Cygnus development which, at its peak, will produce enough gas to meet the needs of 1.5 million UK homes...  tests carried out at the Pegasus West area of the new field...indicated a combined, sustained flow rate of more than 90m standard cubic feet of gas per day which is the equivalent of 15,000 barrels of oil"

Oh shit, sorry, my mistake - this is off the Tees Coast. As Mr Taylor would say, why that was not announced before September 18 one can only wonder.

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