Saturday, 27 December 2014

What Side Are You On?

One of the post truly depressing twitter threads I've seen recently contained this image -

Fairly clear isn't it? There's the Yes multitude on the right with a gorgeous woman hoist aloft, facing the neo-nazi thuggery of the No campaign.
Let us step back - I remember a few decades back when those of us on this side of the North Channel used to look across at Northern Ireland and say thank God that our working class wasn't divided by religion or sectarianism. The economic interests of the working class were the same whatever your creed. You were a wage slave, and your only hope was in solidarity. Whether that was housing, National Health or Education; it didn't matter.
But here we have a movement delighting in division. Triumphantly calling it out.
Well, surprise, surprise, there are Loyalist forces within the working class. And the Orange Order is a big part of Scotland. And that's the point - the people above are all Scots. But what force has come and divided them? The politics of identity driven by our National Party.
I know what side I'm on. No to division, hatred and intolerance. And that's called Nationalism.

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