Monday, 15 December 2014

The Vow

It rumbles on. First the yessirs were alleging that the time scale was going to slip. Having delivered the Smith Commission report timeously, the allegation moved on and is now that the vow hasn't been met - as devo-max (whatever the eff that might be) it ain't.
Let us remind ourselves what was promised: extensive new powers for the Parliament will be delivered. Now, is that clear and woolly enough? Hard for that not to be delivered!


Of course we all recall that ex-premier Salmond (sheds tear) was going to haud wir feet to the fire for this vow, which sits somewhat uneasily with his response to the pledge before the referendum, which was to call it, "a last minute desperate offer of nothing."

Let us not forget that this Vow was the Unionist trick by which the referendum was stolen from the 45. That's the narrative. Has anyone actually been found who switched from Yes to No because of the vow? I think not.

But let's move on - for if there is something which totally overshadows the ridiculous assertion that the Vow tricked people into voting NO, Let us consider the monumental trick by which people were tricked into voting YES.

That's right. This pile of taxpayer funded nonsense. We'll use the pound! Our research institutions will still receive UK wide funding, and we'll still receive the BBC. Oh yes and we'll just seamlessly become an independent member of the EU. As Brian Wilson says, this was white paper, funded by taxpayers and written by supposedly neutral civil servants, rather than a party tract. Yet it has been clear from the day it was published, and is even clearer now, that this crucial statement on which so much depended – jobs, schools, hospitals – was a complete and utter fabrication, concocted for purely political purposes.

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