Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Radical Scotland?

Your humble scribe's attention has been bought to a twitter account called @RadicalScotland. Now, I must declare an interest as I was one of the many who worked on that publication in the 80s under the admirable editorship of Alan Lawson. 

Perhaps Alan or another of the editorial team had set up an account, I did hope. However, that took a bit of a knock straight away when I read the first tweet - 

I don't know what this is reply to, but Radical Scotland had a strong feminist ethos and would never have used that part of the female anatomy as a lazy and ignorant term of abuse. 
Worse was to follow, however -

A picture of racist graffiti allegedly from Belfast, tagged #bettertogether and #ProudToBeBritish. The implication is clear - racism is a British disease. Presumably if Scotland left the UK, we'd be free of racism.

Now, such nonsense is wrong on so many levels; racism is sadly a world wide phenomenon and actually there is much evidence to say that the UK has tacked racism fairly successfully (certainly compared to a number of other European countries - and let's not even consider further afield). 

To be fair, one of @RadicalScotland's1700's subscribers (who include Kevin Pringle, Christina McKelvie & Bella Caledonia) failed to see what the picture had to do with the Indy debate to which @RadicalScotland, replied, 'Not linked to BT campaign at all but certainly linked to Unionists'. No evidence for this was presented, but getting the Ulster Unionists conflated with BetterTogether is a simple step. To what end? 

I've written briefly on this before, but one of the greatest achievements of John Wheatley was campaigning amongst his fellow Catholics to support the Independent Labour Party rather than the Liberal Party as they'd traditionally done. A move away from the politics of identity with all its baggage of irrational sectarianism and tribalism, towards understanding the economic situation of all the workers - get it - Homes, Health, Jobs, Education.

Far from its strapline that it is, "Interested in anything that is a force for progress in Scotland and beyond" is @RadicalScotland anything other than another nationalist twitter account simply punting sectarianism and the politics of Identity? Progress, anyone? 

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