Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Free Lunch - for the well off

So, welcome to the land of limitless largesse. Now, if that was indeed the case, then free school meals would indeed be welcome. But as we know, politics is all about priorities.  
So let's get right to it.

Around 33,000 children in years P1 to P3 previously qualified for free school meals as their parents received an income-based benefit such as the Universal Credit. 
The new SNP policy which started in the New Year, extended this to an additional 135,000 pupils at a cost of £70.5 million over two years plus £24.8 million of capital funding for improving kitchen facilities. 

There are now 15 food banks across Glasgow, 
run by charities and community groups, and demand is rising.

Now it is clear that the better off are the only beneficiaries of this £100million hand-out. But isn't there another community within Scotland for whom things are a bit more desperate and who really need assistance right now? Funny we heard a lot about them before the referendum. Don't tell me foodbanks were just used as a political football? I thought we were living in exciting times of the new politics? Bugger me, I fell for SNP spin!

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