Friday, 23 January 2015

Watered Down! New Treason!

The bastards! Those Westminster bastards are at it again. Cheating, lying vermin scum!

What, what? (Whit noo, dear reader, you may well ask).

Yes, the Smith Commission proposals, aye that pack of lies produced by the Westminster bastards to steal the referendum have been watered down even further! And remember, the Smith Commission was a diluting of the Vow (by which the cheating scum stole... cont p.96) so that was a bastarding cheat 'n'all.

Oh dear, I ought to be concerned, I imagine. Where has it all come apart?

Look there - para 126.9! It says we have tae consult wi the bastardin English, I mean Westminster afore we make changes tae benefits. Lovely, lovely, benefits! Ah can hardly live on them as they are noo wi that bastardin austerity, ken. Bastardin Murphy, RedTory cunt, that he is. Bastard (spits).

But surely we need to consult, I mean, any changes to benefits needs changes to business processes - you know, call centre scripts, forms, additional data collection, new and amended IT functional processes... you know end to end stuff. It's what the discipline of Change Management covers, surely? And as the pensions and benefits systems are UK wide, there needs right up front to be a change assessment?

Eh? What the fuck are yi on aboot yi bastard? We need a fucking referendum. 2018. Cannae come soon enough. Bastards! (exits stage far left followed by dug). 

The face of the new Scottish enlightenment

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