Wednesday, 13 July 2016


This must surely be one of the most gut turning shots I've ever seen. Look at this wretch, Angus Roberston SNP MP posing with these poor women for his own self aggrandisement.

Smile please, but not too much - remember you're standing in solidarity no doubt, with the widows of Srebrenica. But.. don't we remember Salmond lambasting the NATO action on Kosovo to protect the civilian population from the same Serb Nationalists? Unpardonable folly, wasn't it?

It's like all the so-great Irish Nationalists condemning the British and their flag, 'the butchers apron'. Well just remember fellahs, when the British went in to liberate Dachau, you were back home doing precisely fuck all. And that's exactly what an independent Scotland could do to protect civilians from harm anywhere. Fuck all.

Apologies, I've got a bit cross.

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