Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Scotland the Brave

The tedious outpourings of the Nats continues though the world moves on.

And their cheer leaders elsewhere pick up the message and transmit it on. In all its delightful simplicity.

Another pat on the back for us. We're not English! English are Tories. Xenophobes. We're the opposite. We love the EU. And immigrants are welcome here (yes indeed, everyone is welcome here, we've a long history of being open and welcoming....*).
Ho hum, indeed.

Before we get too carried away with the love for ourselves, on this, the very inclusive *12th of July, a bit of a reality check may be in order.
  • Almost 50% of people in Moray voted leave. Not an English area. In fact, these days, very much in the SNP heartlands.
  • The area with the largest Remain vote was Edinburgh, the same place that was strongly No in the Independence referendum 
  • And yeah yeah, it wasn't just London/Scotland/Northern Ireland. Liverpool had a 58% vote in favour of remaining. Or are Liverpool and other cities too insignificant?
  • Here's the walloper: the politically engaged "independence city" of Glasgow: 44% of the electorate (that's probably half the adult population) didn't bother to turn out; couldn't bloody care one way of the other. I know, that'll be Labour's fault too.

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