Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Whither Labour?

Poor old Jezza; not much loved by the PLP. But poor old Labour too, to have got itself into this situation where it is held hostage by hundreds of thousands of bampots at large who have just signed up for three quid to rant their angry politics.
In a way, there's a lot to be angry about, but I fear that this particular strain of anger is ill-focussed, ill-defined and infused with conspiracy and paranoia. It wasn't like that back in my day - then we had real discussions about the march to socialism. Actually that's nonsense: there was always a strong whiff of 'sell out' to be hurled at any compromise.
But we learned; we learned to create a centre left majority. We brought in devolved government, the national minimum wage, working families tax credits.. I really could go on. But I'll stop there as the point is we're not a socialist debating society. If you join Labour, you join Labour to make a difference to people's lives. And that means winning power for, yes, the centre left. Corbyn is ineffectual and will never do that.
The British people aren't going to elect as leader someone who hasn't as much as run a bath, who consorts with the IRA and Hammas, and has as much charisma as a damp cloth. He's a hopeless old deluded clown. And yes, that's a bit personal.

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