Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A Mandate!

A new argument in the currency debate! Well, rather let me re-phrase that - a new way of avoiding the answer. Now, by voting 'yes' we are giving Alex a mandate to insist we use the pound. That's right - you thought you were being asked a straightforward question on independence. No, no. As Michael White shrewdly observes in today's Guardian -

Salmond duly asked for "a mandate from the people at home" for a currency union with what refo-nerds call rUK – the rest of us. He challenged Darling to "respect the will of the Scottish people" in the event of a yes majority among its 4.2m voters on 18 September – as if 55m voters in rUK would feel obliged to write an open cheque on his spending plans. Greek voters now know better.

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