Monday, 25 August 2014

Save Our NHS

You couldn't make it up. Here's the latest nonsense from Project Indy Fear. A Welshman, the great Labour politician Aneurin Bevan - one of the founders of the UK's National Health Service, being used to break up the UK.

Of course, the sudden and cynical emergence of the NHS in the campaign does show that time is running out for the Nats. Women in particular, seem to be more sceptical about the great advantages of inflicting division and chaos on our country - so what about some scare stories?
But surely this targeting of the NHS won't get any traction - after all, health is devolved, the funding of Scotland's NHS isn't ring-fenced and will rise along with spending overall at the UK level (and could always be augmented by varying income tax under existing powers) and we're all aware of the specialist units and research which we share UK-wide. 
Ooops, sorry, I let some rationality in. Tsk. Not long till the next debate. I wonder if Salmond will try and pedal any of this NHS nonsense tonight? Or will he stick to his strong suit... the currency aliens!

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