Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Beeb

What does that Lord Birt know anyway?
"The bold assertion in the Scottish government's white paper that a new Scottish public service broadcaster will work with the BBC in a programme-swapping joint venture is make believe," Birt states. "One way or another, after independence, Scottish viewers would have to pay to receive BBC services."

Another one of the bastards! The White Paper is quite clear what is in Scotland's best interests. We want our cake and we're going to eat it - with jam on it. Jam today and jam tomorrow.
Luckily we have Fiona Hyslop who will surely step up to the plate (no, sorry, enough about cake) ... she'll set the record straight! 

Fiona Hyslop, the Scottish culture secretary, declined to comment on Birt's criticisms and his claims BBC programmes would be sold to the highest bidder in Scotland. Her spokeswoman repeated the position taken in the white paper, saying a joint venture between the BBC and SBS would "give continuity of supply to the BBC and continuity of programming to the SBS, such an arrangement is in the best interest of all concerned and will ensure that decisions about broadcasting in Scotland are made in Scotland".

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