Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Scotland's future in Scotland's hands

Well that's fairly straightforward isn't it? 

"Decisions on Scotland’s future are taken by those who care most about Scotland – the people who live and work here.”

Briefly, and as a summary, at the moment we have four tiers of elected government -
1) the local council, delivering local services such as street cleaning and lighting (yes, yes & much more)
2) Holyrood, managing matters devolved to Scotland such as education, health, policing, and transport etc
3) Westminster (booo! hiss!) managing UK wide issues - the economy, foreign affairs, defence etc
4) Brussels managing EU wide stuff - justice, trade, agriculture, fisheries and environmental regulation & etc

Now, obviously, decisions in tiers 3 & 4 are currently taken in concert with others; indeed - decisions on Scotland's future can be taken by those who don't live here (e.g. decisions on fracking made at Westminster, decisions on Scottish fisheries made at Brussels). 
So, the Yes case as stated must be to repatriate all the powers currently exercised by Westminster and Brussels.
But no! It seems it's only Westminster that grieves us. That's strange isn't it? Are we happy to let Brussels (with majority voting widened following the Lisbon treaty) make decisions on Scotland's future? 
Why can that be? It's illogical, Captain. Perhaps at heart it is still just an anti-English crusade after all?

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