Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Delusional George

A split from the UK would not threaten Scottish banks 

Ignore the unionists’ scaremongering about the financial sector

What what?? Who is spouting this? Step forward George Mathewson - the mentor of Fred Goodwin and now an advisor to Alex Salmond. So a man of impeccable credentials with no axe to grind. Ahem. And yet the Yes camp have been reacting to this 'Opinion' piece (online only) as if it was the Holy Grail. It's the FT, after all!!
In one particularly deluded passage, George writes...

Independence will bring new opportunities for Scotland’s financial sector – which is one of the country’s strengths, though it is neglected by the Westminster government and its London-centric policy. 

Neglected? What Chutzpah!! What have the Romans ever done for us? George, they pumped £45Bn into bloody RBS. Onto the public balance sheet! Largely paid for by English taxpayers. Quite incredible. The man has no shame at all.

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